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Signup For the next round

Here are the dates for this round of seasonal_spuffy!

Please sign up in a comment to this post. Please give the usual details:

User name
Preferred posting window
Probable form (ie fic, vid, art, icons, fanmix...) Go for as many as you think you might do - we won't hunt you down and destroy you (much) if you don't produce all of them in the end.
Any dates you really, really can't manage.

We're going for a slightly shorter session this time, so it's quite likely you will have to share your date. If there's a reason you really don't want to do that (for instance if you are posting a 40-chapter fic all in one day (well, I can dream, can't I?)) please put that in your comment too.

Your mods for this round will be me, gillo, slaymesoftly, lutamira and eilowyn. We try to be fair and stuff, but we're only human. Honest.

The posting windows for the Autumn '13 round are as follows:
Window A: October 19th - October 24th
Window B: October 25th - October 30th
Hallowe'en FREE FOR ALL October 31st
Window C: November 1 - November 9th
Free For All: November 10th
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