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This is part 5 of the LiveJournal tutorials that I've been posting on tumblr and Facebook. If you've participated in Seasonal Spuffy before, feel free to scroll past -- you're good. :) If you haven't and you might want to, welcome! An overview of how this community works is available in the profile, and this post demonstrates in detail how to create an entry, assuming one is new to LiveJournal.

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06 December 2018 @ 12:01 am
Hey, all. <3

We announced back in June that there would be a free-for-all day on December 21st, so we will be open for posting that day. Anyone will be free to post new Spuffy fanworks on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, or both, without signup.

We don't expect many people will have time to start something new, and that's perfectly fine. However:

  • If you planned to post in the fall round but didn't quite make it, and if you can finish up your contribution in a couple of weeks' time, we'll be delighted to see it on December 21st!

  • If you've started a WIP on Seasonal Spuffy and you expect to have a new chapter ready by December 21st, consider posting it here. :)

  • If you'd like to make something for the free-for-all but you've already committed to a different Spuffy-related holiday event, be aware that you can probably submit your creation to both. Feel free to hit me up for details if this is the case.

  • On the off chance you want to write a new Spuffy story but you're all out of ideas, I'd recommend checking out the unclaimed prompts for the Hidden Gems holiday event. Posting here and then linking your entry on Hidden Gems is a valid way to participate in their holiday event, as long as you claim the prompt first and post the link in the right place.

Enjoy your well-deserved rest, enjoy other events, and see you around. :)
Road Trip

Thank you again to every one of you for a fabulous round! Here are links to the new fanworks made for Round 25, for all your catching up and reference needs. WIP stories and NC-17 entries are marked.

If something of yours isn't where it should be or is mislabeled, please let me know! Also please make sure to let us know if you don't want your entry to be backed up on our archive seasonal-spuffy.space.

Happy browsing!

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03 December 2018 @ 05:45 pm
And what a round it was. <3 Thank you so much to everyone who helped make it awesome by creating Spuffy stuff for us, learning to navigate a new site just for this event, or supporting and encouraging the creators in any way! Thanks especially to my fellow mods slaymesoftly, teragramm, rbfvid, and rebcake, who have helped and/or will help with a lot of planning, advice, and other work behind the scenes, in addition to what they did in plain sight.

There will soon be an index post with links to all entries, for your catching up convenience. Anonymous comments will stay enabled at least till the end of this week unless we run into spam problems. If you do encounter spammy comments, please let us know!

If you prefer to read on Elysian Fields, keep an eye on the Seasonal Spuffy category over there. Some entries have already been reposted. And if you are an Elysian Fields author, please remember that you can add your story to this category when reposting, so that interested parties will find it more easily. :) It's available in the same menu where you'd select the season and stuff like "Challenge Response" or "Holiday Fic".

If you meant to create something for this round but didn't quite make it in time, despair not! We've already planned one separate free-for-all day on December 21st. There will be a bit more information on that within a couple of days.

So, how was the round for you? :) We did some things differently than before, such as having a long break between signups and start of round, and only allowing posting on one site. Maybe you have any suggestions about what we could try changing for future rounds, or what we should keep doing just as we do now?
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03 December 2018 @ 12:00 am
Title: We Will Drive Through the Fire
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13
Word count: 3450
Genre: Domestic holiday doings
Summary: It's Thanksgiving, so Buffy and Spike pack up the kids and head to Grandpa's.

A/N: Although it's not necessary to read the previous stories, this is the next installment in the Ring On It 'Verse series. It began with a small wardrobe change on the morning of the final battle of the Hellmouth, and led to an un-sought-for transformation, namely that Spike has a heartbeat. AU from Chosen. The whole series can be found here on AO3. Previous seasonal_spuffy posts are With This Ring, Under My Skin Prologue, Under My Skin, and Anniversaries Aren't For Quitters.
More A/N: This is more unbeta'd than usual, so let me know if you notice anything weird. Might meander a bit. Also: based on this year's California Fire Trauma.

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02 December 2018 @ 07:42 pm
Title: Route 666
Author: bewildered
Era/season/setting: Post-series (immediately post-NFA)
Rating: R for language, sexual situations

Summary: Lorne needs to get out of LA. Spike has a car and no reason to stay. Can this Odd Couple survive the road trip from hell? And will Buffy ever catch up?

Takes place after Not Fade Away, comics do not exist. Rated R for foul language and sexual situations.

Seasonal Spuffy note take 2: Yeah, so I wanted to have this chapter DONE for today, and instead it is only partially done. Spike and Lorne decided a throwaway scene needed to be something more, and so I am nowhere near the chapter end. And there has been very little betaing, though Sigyn was kind enough to read what I have so far. BUT I will share it here anyhow! Because Spike and Lorne! Keep an eye out for future updates on my EF and AO3 (where I am posting Chapter 1 today.) Much love to you all and thanks to the SS organizers and moderators for another fantastic round! See you next season!

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02 December 2018 @ 11:22 pm
.| Title: Icons | free-for-all
.| Creator: sintonia
.| 20 icons

Hi everybody! Wow, I had to survive without internet for a week and I couldn't respond to most of your comments and entries, I can't tell you how sorry I am but I'm going to check out everything. Thanks to everyone and thanks to the mods for your hard work, I'm always late, sorry! but a pot of icons waits at the end of the rainbow, hope you enjoy. :)

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02 December 2018 @ 09:56 pm

Title: She Rides With Him
Author: the_wiggins
Era/season/setting: In between seasons 5 and 6. Shortly after The Gift.
Warnings: Suicidal ideation/sorta attempt, car crash. (No depictions of character death.)
Author's Note: My first fanfic poem. Would never have thought to do it if it weren't for thenewbuzwuzz's influence and all of her wonderful work promoting BTVS poetry. And thank you so much Buzwuzz for agreeing to beta on such short notice! You are a treasure. <3
This was initially intended to be one of those "X number of times this thing didn't actually happen and one time it did" kinda things. Except that one of the sections just kinda took over and next thing I knew it was the whole poem and way longer than I'd entended the combined 5 sections to be in the first place. Of course it was also the most angsty by far. But despite the angst, I don't think it's entirely grim. I hope you all like it!
Conscrit is always welcome.

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02 December 2018 @ 02:35 pm
Title: Driving Till Dawn
Author: PrettyPoppy
Era/season/setting: Season 6, between “All the Way” and “Once More, With Feeling”
Rating: G
Summary: When Dawn goes missing, Spike and Buffy take a road trip to find her.
Author’s Notes:  This is not the spuffiest of Spuffy fics I’ve ever written, but I think there’s enough spuffiness in there to count.  Dawn kind of got in the way a little, but then, doesn’t she always? 

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02 December 2018 @ 01:35 am
Title: Buckle Up
Creator: Double Dutchess
Form: banner

Here, have another Road Trip themed banner! To my surprise, so far no one has used the infamous RV from Spiral in their road trip artwork. This is my attempt at remedying that situation :-)

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I haven't been able to keep up with the new entries since last weekend, but I will get back to them, I promise. So much Spuffy goodness to look forward to!