How to Post an Entry to Seasonal Spuffy - the Beginner's Guide

This is part 5 of the LiveJournal tutorials that I've been posting on tumblr and Facebook. If you've participated in Seasonal Spuffy before, feel free to scroll past -- you're good. :) If you haven't and you might want to, welcome! An overview of how this community works is available in the profile, and this post demonstrates in detail how to create an entry, assuming one is new to LiveJournal.

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SS pink

Call for Banners

In case you don’t know seasonal_spuffy now has permanent dates. (The 2nd Monday in May and the 2nd Monday in November will be the start of the rounds).

The Spring 2021 round of seasonal_spuffy, will be starting on May 10th. If you haven’t already signed up you can do so here

Now that signups are underway that means, it's time for our traditional banner challenge!!

This round our theme is Truth or Dare

Interpret the theme as you see fit, or not. It's up to you.

Here are the rules for the challenge:

- You can submit up to three banners.

- Banners must have a width of 900 pixels wide. We are more flexible with the height, it can be as small as 250 or as large as 400 (anywhere in between is fine too.)

- Banners must be new and anonymous, so please do not post your banners elsewhere, until the results have been posted.

- Submit entries as a comment to this post (on either LJ or DW). All comments will be screened.

- The deadline is April 30th, midnight(EST).

- If you don't have a DW or LJ, you can email the banner to Make sure to put Banner in the subject line.

- After the winner is announced, the winner will be asked to "sign" their banner. Please remember to leave room on your banner for your tag/signature.

- When submitting a banner, give us both the image and the URL. (See example below)

fall2020 javajunkie247

If you are a newbie at making banners, you can go here for some tips and hints.

The poll with all the pretties will go up the day or so after the deadline.

Past banners can be seen here

Any questions, just ask!

Have fun and show us your fabulous
btvs - spuffy burn for you: awmp

Sign up for Round 30 of Seasonal Spuffy!

It's that time again! The Spring 2021 round of Seasonal Spuffy starts on Monday, May 10, and runs through Tuesday, May 25, on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth.

The theme for this round is Truth or Dare. Thank you to thenewbuzwuzz for the suggestion! As always, the theme exists to inspire, not limit. You are free to interpret the theme however you wish or do your own thing instead. The choice is yours!

Sign up for a posting day by choosing a day in the schedule and leaving a comment on this post. (Login is not necessary for that; if you don't see the comment button, keep scrolling.) Posting days are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. If the days fill up, additional days will be added to the schedule. If we're lucky enough to fill those days, too, people will be allowed to share days.

We're also offering two free-for-all days: May 24 and May 25. On the free-for-all days, anybody may post without signup, as long as they do it the Seasonal Spuffy way.

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Plan to create an original, never-before-posted Spike/Buffy fanwork to share with the community! :) We welcome all kinds of fic, art, and other fanworks. WIPs are okay, and so are crossovers. For the few formats that are impossible to get into a LiveJournal/Dreamwidth post, posting a link is fine.

Please check the rules before you begin. Most are fairly standard, but be aware we don't accept all-human AUs. All-penguin AUs, however, are enthusiastically welcomed.

Any questions, please always feel free to ask—for example, by commenting on a recent mod post such as this one or emailing

Have fun, everyone! We can't wait to see what you'll create. <3
btvs - spuffy burn for you: awmp

Let's pick a theme!

We received a whopping number of suggestions this time around, thank you! Because we didn't want it to get too unwieldy for people to vote, we got rid of duplicates and themes that were a little too similar to each other, and whittled the list down a smidge while ensuring you still have a wide variety of options for Spuffy in every flavor.

As always, the theme is an optional prompt for the event. Creators are welcome to use the theme for inspiration if they feel like it, interpreting it in their entries however they want. So vote for the one that excites you the most!

Poll #2109348 Theme Poll for Spring 2021

What's the best theme for the Spring 2021 round of Seasonal Spuffy?

Across the Universe
Always Been Dancing
Do You Trust Me?
Getting Along
In Another World
It Takes Two
Love Cats
Myths and Mysteries
Same Old Love Story
Sweets & Sweaters
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Truth or Dare

If the poll won't let you vote, feel free to vote in a comment. :)

May the best theme win!
btvs - spuffy burn for you: awmp

Seasonal Spuffy Spring 2021—How Do You Want It?

Hey, everybody! <3 Your mods here at seasonal_spuffy are planning the next round, and we'd love to hear from you! It's easier than usual, because we no longer have the question about when to start. Based on the polling we did over the winter, rounds will begin on the second Monday of May and November. For Spring 2021, we will be starting on May 10, 2021.

This poll is also available on Google Forms for anyone who prefers not to use LiveJournal. Please only fill out one copy of the poll — thank you!

Poll #2109154 Seasonal Spuffy Spring 2021—How Do You Want It?

What would you like to do for the Spring 2021 round of Seasonal Spuffy?

Create something new (fic, art, etc.) and be our hero
Shower the creators with comments and love
Watch from underneath the tree in Buffy's front yard
Something else, which I'll explain in the comments

Where would you most like to be notified about new posts during the event?

I can easily notice the new entries right here on LiveJournal or on Dreamwidth
Seasonal Spuffy Facebook page
Elysian Fields Facebook group
Elysian Fields shoutbox
Somewhere else would be best of all! I'll explain in the comments...

What could be a fun theme for this round (a prompt for the participants to interpret in their entries)?

Edited to add: If you need more space for theme ideas, go ahead and drop them in the comments, too.

Once we have everyone's input, we'll pick a theme, post a schedule for signup, and get going on the banner contest. :)

If you'd like to find out more about the community, please take a look at our profile, and feel free to visit any of our pages on other sites: Dreamwidth, tumblr, Facebook. The mods will be happy to answer any questions you might have; you can contact us in a bunch of ways including by commenting on a recent mod post such as this or emailing

Here's to another great round!

The season for seasonal_spuffy is May and November from now on

Thank you all for the poll votes and the patience! The mods have decided on the fixed schedule for the future rounds of seasonal_spuffy.

All spring rounds will start on the second Monday of May. All fall rounds will start on the second Monday of November. The length of the rounds will be two to three weeks depending on how many people sign up.

We'll be back in early March to choose the theme for the upcoming spring round and launch the banner contest as always. :)

All the future rounds of Seasonal Spuffy: what time of year do you want them?

Hello, friends in Spuffy! This is just a reminder about the poll from the end of the fall round. If you already made your opinion known, thank you! We have about two weeks left to decide whether we're having a March round or a May round (and also whether a November round is what we want in the fall for our permanent schedule, though so far it looks like most of us do). The mods would be happy to hear from more of you guys before we make these decisions.
Spuffy Christmas by Cil

Spuffy Christmas in bed diorama

Title: Spuffy Christmas in bed diorama
Creator: Double Dutchess
Form: other art
Era: comics, S10/S11
Rating: safe for work

For the previous solstice free-for-all I made a diorama of Buffy and Spike's bedroom in the comics. Then it was Summer, now it is winter -- so I decided to make a Christmas version. Here it is, with a Merry Christmas to all!
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Heat Desire

Sweet Surrender (gifs)

Title: Sweet Surrender (gifs)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Form: other art
Era: S3, S5, S6, S7
Rating: possibly not quite safe for work

This is an entry I had planned but didn't have time for during the last round of Seasonal Spuffy. It's a gifset I made for my last buffyversebingo prompt, "Surrender".
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