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This is part 5 of the LiveJournal tutorials that I've been posting on tumblr and Facebook. If you've participated in Seasonal Spuffy before, feel free to scroll past -- you're good. :) If you haven't and you might want to, welcome! An overview of how this community works is available in the profile, and this post demonstrates in detail how to create an entry, assuming one is new to LiveJournal.

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21 March 2019 @ 12:10 am
.| Title: Banner & Icons
.| Creator: sintonia/stnia
.| 1 banner & 4 icons | After Life

Hello everyone, I made a banner and some icons, can be used wherever you want but I think it could work better for any forum. This is very simple but I wanted to share something new with you and useful for other places too. Yeah, I should try to be more useful, I should do this for a fanfic but I'm a total mess.

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20 March 2019 @ 09:22 pm

Title: Ostara Blessings
Author: fancyflautist
Era/season/setting: S6/S7
Rating: PG (minor language)
Summary: Willow enlists the help of the Scoobies for a big abundance ritual for Ostara.  Meanwhile, Buffy is trying to push forward in her relationship with Spike. Featuring grass facts, a hell-bunny, and an original Wiccan ritual!

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20 March 2019 @ 11:11 pm

Title: Anywhere But Here
Author: the_wiggins
Season/Era: A Season 2 that veered sharply from canon around "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered." Set shortly after that episode.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Spike/Dru (at least nominally), referenced physical and psychological torture (none of which actually happens during the course of the story), vamp!Buffy, suicidal ideation, and canon typical ableism
Word Count: 8,163
Summary: Buffy’s the reason Spike’s miserable, the reason he’s in the chair, the reason Angelus is soulless and sleeping with Spike’s girlfriend. But at the moment, she’s also the only person he can really talk to. Shared unhappiness is bringing them closer, but is there anything more to it than that?
Author's Note: This was originally started for the Night and Day round of Seasonal Spuffy, but I wasn't able to finish it at the time. Thanks so much to thenewbuzwuzz for her exemplary service as beta! Any remaining errors are, of course, my own and conscrit is always enthusiastically welcomed.
Also, just a heads up if my summary and warnings don't make it clear, this fic definitely deals with dark themes. But this is a fic about people bonding in difficult circumstances and is ultimately more or less hopeful in its outlook. I hope to eventually continue this story, but for now this is meant to work reasonably well as a stand alone.

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20 March 2019 @ 03:02 pm
Title: Spring Bookmark
Creator: teragramm
Rating: G

Below the cut find a spring spuffy bookmark.

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20 March 2019 @ 03:01 pm
I've been working on a longer fic and haven't had time to come up with anything for the Free Day, so this is a short little fun scene from the longer fic I'm working on that you might enjoy.

Title:  Whac-a-Mole (I don't have a definate title for the whole fic yet)
Author: Passion4Spike
Era/Season: Post NFA -- Spike still a vampire, Buffy still a Slayer
Rating: PG (language)
Setup: Spike and Buffy are at the arcade on Santa Monica Pier on their first offical 'date' after reconnecting post NFA.

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Hope you enjoyed and got a bit of a smile.

Not sure when the whole fic will be finished and ready to post. I'm at about 250,000 words so far, but the end is still a small dot on the horizon. Keep a watch for it on EF, AO3, and FF though.

Thanks much for reading!
20 March 2019 @ 01:45 pm
Title: spring flowers part 2 (pink edition)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Medium: artwork
Season: 6 and 7
Rating: worksafe

This is part 2 of my Spuffy spring flowers project, inspired by flower symbolism and nmcil12's art style. This time, featuring the colour pink.

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20 March 2019 @ 01:42 pm
Title: spring flowers part 1 (yellow edition)
Creator: Double Dutchess
Medium: artwork
Season: 6
Rating: worksafe

No posts yet? Then I'll kick off the Spring Equinox Free-for-All with part 1 of a little spring flowers graphics project, inspired by flower symbolism and nmcil12's art style. (We miss you, Cil!)

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13 March 2019 @ 10:34 pm
...that next Wednesday, March 20th, will be a free-for-all day here on Seasonal Spuffy, just in case anyone would like to share some new work without waiting till May. Information and optional prompts here.
The 26th round of seasonal_spuffy, a Spuffy stuff creation&appreciation party, will run for three weeks from Thursday, May 2, until Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

SITES. For this round, you can post here on LiveJournal or in our Dreamwidth community, or both as you prefer! Links to all entries will be available during the round on both sites and also on tumblr and Facebook. We will post some information on Elysian Fields and BuffyForums, as well.

THEME. Our theme this round will be Dark Carnival! Thank you to rahirah for the suggestion! Props also to garnigal and javajunkie247, whose themes put up a good fight in the poll, and thank you to everyone else for suggesting and voting. As always, creators are free to interpret the theme however they want or do something else altogether.

SIGNUP. You may sign up for a posting day of your very own by leaving a comment below. (Logging in is not necessary for that; if you don't see the comment button, keep scrolling.) Posting dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but days can be shared once enough people sign up. We're also offering some free-for-all days on which anybody may post without signup, as long as they do it the Seasonal Spuffy way: May 6, May 12, and May 18–19.

Here's our SCHEDULE:
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Plan to create an original, never-before-posted Spike/Buffy fanwork to share with the community! :) We never met a medium we didn't like. Here's an incomplete list of things people have posted on Seasonal Spuffy to general acclaim: fic, drabbles, drawings, playlists, poetry, manips, mood boards, wallpapers, WIP chapters, artwork resources, icons, comics, fanvids, maps, magnetic poetry kits, puzzle games, polls, podfic, Other Art... you get the picture. Anything goes. For the few formats of fanworks that are impossible to get into a LiveJournal/Dreamwidth post, posting a link is fine.

Please check the rules before you begin. Most are fairly standard, but be aware that we don't allow all-human AUs. All-penguin AUs are enthusiastically welcomed.

Have fun! Any questions, feel free to ask.