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This is part 5 of the LiveJournal tutorials that I've been posting on tumblr and Facebook. If you've participated in Seasonal Spuffy before, feel free to scroll past -- you're good. :) If you haven't and you might want to, welcome! An overview of how this community works is available in the profile, and this post demonstrates in detail how to create an entry, assuming one is new to LiveJournal.

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19 November 2018 @ 08:54 pm
.| Title: Headers + Icons | Road Trip
.| Creator: sintonia

.| 1 header | 800x400 | + 3 icons
.| 1 header | 900x500 | + 2 icons

Hi everybody! I absolutely loved your theme for this round, one of my favorite topics in a fic, not too much in the way of angst, usually somewhere in the future, a place where I can find rest. Of course, I can't write anything lately but I have thousands of scenes thanks to you. This was a clear case of love, you are the perfect partner for this long road trip.

I made two headers and some icons for you. Seriously, I made a post-NFA header based on "Back Porch" by Lirazel and the best part was, his car was gone, maybe forever, but apparently it really doesn't matter. I'm back in time with his DeSoto because that's how it happens in my heart and I can't stop laughing. Oh yeah, I don't regret anything. Hope to come back with more icons later, I've got the day off but maybe it's better any free days. Whatever you need, just let me know.

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18 November 2018 @ 05:48 pm

Title: Ka-bump!

Author Relurker
Setting: post series
Rating: G

Hi guys! This is my first time here as a writer, so I’m thrilled and a little anxious.

My very short entry is just a moment of Buffy & Spike’s continuing adventures, somewhen after series.

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16 November 2018 @ 09:56 am

Hello Seasonal Spuffiers! I'm happy to kick off this round with a very short little fic for you. I hope you enjoy, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the round.

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15 November 2018 @ 11:04 pm
The Fall 2018 round of seasonal_spuffy, a cornucopia of new Spike/Buffy fanworks, is about to start! A few reminders before we jump in:

  • This round will run from November 16th through December 2nd. If you signed up, please double-check the schedule. If you didn't sign up, you can still post on the free-for-all days: November 22 and 25, December 1 and 2.

  • Please do take a look at the rules before you post. They were updated in September.

  • If you'd like to participate in another way, consider leaving feedback for our talented fan creators! Currently, you can comment on Seasonal Spuffy posts even without logging in.

  • This round will take place only on LiveJournal, but links to new entries will be available on our Dreamwidth, tumblr, and Facebook. We'll post some links elsewhere, too.

  • If you could use some help with the site or the event, try the tutorials, and don't hesitate to talk to the mods. :) thenewbuzwuzz, teragramm, and slaymesoftly will be happy to assist. Feel free to message us or comment on a mod post, or email us at sspuffy@gmail.com if you prefer.

All right. 25 rounds, wow! I was amazed to find out that some of us were here for the very first round of Seasonal Spuffy, organized by itmustbetuesday in October-December 2005. Being a relative newcomer myself, I'm so curious about what it was like. :) If you've done Seasonal Spuffy before, as a creator or a reader, do you remember your first round? Maybe there's anything you'd like to say to our new participants?

And if you're joining in for the first time, we're so happy you're here! How are you feeling? Would you like to introduce yourself in a comment so we can say hi? (It's okay if you don't.) Maybe there's anything you'd like to ask our more... seasoned participants?

Regardless, have fun, everyone! Here's to another great round! :)
15 November 2018 @ 09:17 am
The banner poll is now officially closed. Thank you, for voting!

The winning banner is No.3.... by javajunkie247:


Congrats to javajunkie247!!!

The new layout is now up, enjoy!

Many thanks, to the artists who contributed work.

In case you are curious, here is the list of contributing artists and the banner they made:

Banner No. 1 by pricelessspike

Banner No. 2 by teragramm

Banner No. 3 by javajunkie247

Banner No. 4 by thenewbuzwuzz

Banner No. 5 by double_dutchess
10 November 2018 @ 07:58 am
We've have some wonderful entries this round - many thanks to the talented contributors.

The voting polls will be up on both LJ and DW and you can vote in either place. Please vote only once. If you don't have a LJ or DW, please vote here with an anonymous comment using the below form.

Don't vote for yourself.
Don't encourage others to vote for you.
Only vote ONCE.

The poll will be closed on Thursday, November 15th.

Happy voting!!!

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This poll is now closed
09 November 2018 @ 08:36 am
Today (midnight EST) is the last day to submit a banner for our yearly banner challenge. Information can be found here.

We can always use more banners!!
30 October 2018 @ 01:36 pm
Just a reminder that the banners for this round of seasonal_spuffy are due November 9th, midnight EST. Information can be found here.

We can always use more banners!!