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How to Post an Entry to Seasonal Spuffy - the Beginner's Guide

This is part 5 of the LiveJournal tutorials that I've been posting on tumblr and Facebook. If you've participated in Seasonal Spuffy before, feel free to scroll past -- you're good. :) If you haven't and you might want to, welcome! An overview of how this community works is available in the profile, and this post demonstrates in detail how to create an entry, assuming one is new to LiveJournal.

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btvs - spuffy his sunrise: elizalavelle

Let's pick a theme!

In spite of the wonky poll, we managed to get a good number of theme suggestions for this round, so yay! There's a wide variety of Spuffy flavors for you to choose from this time around.

As always, the theme is an optional prompt for the event. Creators are welcome to use the theme for inspiration if they feel like it, interpreting it in their entries however they want. So vote for the one that excites you the most!

Poll #2113229 Theme Poll for Fall 2021

What's the best theme for the Fall 2021 round of Seasonal Spuffy?

A Matter of Perspective
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Coming home for Christmas
Cooking a Holiday meal Spuffy-style
Dirty Thoughts
Fighter, Lover and Muse
Hot Chocolate
Perchance to Dream
Poet and Muse
Till the End of the World
Walk Through the Fire

If the poll won't let you vote, feel free to vote in a comment. :)

May the best theme win!
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Seasonal Spuffy Fall 2021—How Do You Want It?

It's that time again! Your mods here at seasonal_spuffy are planning the next round, and we'd love to hear from you! Only three questions, since we now have a set schedule. The Fall Round will start on Monday, November 8, 2021.

This poll is also available on Google Forms for anyone who prefers not to use LiveJournal. Please only fill out one copy of the poll — thank you!

Poll #2113106 Seasonal Spuffy Fall 2021—How Do You Want It?

What would you like to do for the Fall 2021 round of Seasonal Spuffy?

Create something new (fic, art, etc.) and be our hero
Shower the creators with comments and love
Lurk in the shadows
Something else, which I'll explain in comments

Where would you most like to be notified about new posts during the event?

I can easily notice the new entries right here on LiveJournal or on Dreamwidth.
Seasonal Spuffy Facebook page
Elysian Fields Facebook group
Elysian Fields shoutbox
Somewhere else would be best of all.

What could be a fun theme for this round (a prompt for the participants to interpret in their entries)?

***LJ polls are being wonky when it comes to text entry questions. Please leave your ideas for potential themes in the comments.***

Once we have everyone's input, we'll pick a theme, post a schedule for signup, and get going on the banner contest. :)

If you'd like to find out more about the community, please take a look at our profile, and feel free to visit any of our pages on other sites: Dreamwidth, tumblr, Facebook. The mods will be happy to answer any questions you might have; you can contact us in a bunch of ways including by commenting on a recent mod post such as this or emailing sspuffy@gmail.com.

Here's to another great round!
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Seasonal Spuffy Round 30 - Spring 2021 - Index Post

Truth or Dare

Thank you, everyone, for another great round! For ease of catching up and later reference, here's a list of the new fanworks made for Round 30 of Seasonal Spuffy.

WIPs and NC-17 entries are marked. Creators, if something of yours isn't where it should be or is mislabeled, please let me know! Also, please let us know if you DON'T want your entry to be backed up at our archive seasonal-spuffy.space!

Happy browsing!

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spuffy comic by teragramm

Soldiers of the Light (4/?)

Title: Soldiers of the Light (part 4 of ?)
Rating: R for violence and fighting in this chapter
Summary: In a dystopian future, the Senior Partners sent a horde of demons to overrun Angel and his crew, and the Senior Partners won. Buffy and her friends are on the hunt for something to save the world, and on one mission, Buffy finds something belonging to someone she never thought she’d see again. After all, he lit up in the Sunnydale hellmouth, saving the world from a different source of evil.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all.

Author's Note: I ran out of time...I have no idea where May went. This is skating in under the wire and I missed my posting day. Thank you to slaymesoftly for giving me a poke. But here is chapter four to my WIP. Typos are all me. This is a good chapter for Seasonal Spuffy because Buffy is on the hunt for Spike and there is a big reveal and lots of action.

You can read the first three chapters here: https://dark-solace.org/elysian/viewstory.php?sid=6887

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Fic: Did You Ever Know-Chapter 1

Title: Did You Ever Know
Author: violettapirateq
Era/season/setting: Season 4, post-Something Blue
Rating: PG

Does anyone know how and when Spike and the Scoobies actually find out that the Initiative gave Spike a chip? In "Something Blue" he's still calling it a spell, and I don't recall a scene where Riley sits down with him and explains everything. With that in mind, writing a story and NOT referring to it as chip was difficult, let me tell you.

Thanks to everyone who said they were excited to see this, that made me happy!! Like my other entry this is pretty fluffy, somewhat angsty, but also just a quick
little Spuffy adventure that probably shouldn't be taken all that seriously. Thanks for reading!

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