November 6th, 2013

Spuffy dreams
  • gillo

Fic - Hotel Suite

It's my day - or was until an hour ago. A mod gave me permission to post now, though, as it's before bedtime, just. (Guess which mod. ;-) )

Here's a fic which started out as a ficlet but just growed. This bit is G-rated, as mild as you get. I'm not planning for it to stay that way, though. The rest will come on the Free-For-All day.
Word tells me it's 1,575 words. Spuffy. But you guessed that.

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we're walking out of here

Spuffy icons (random)

Hi guys, I'm sorry that I'm writing a little late but I'm trying to upload some icons more but photobucket isn't working. Now I can get to the login screen but after I log it's still crashing and I can't upload more. I couldn't see these until an hour ago and have been waiting but nothing happens. So if I can upload them in a few hours, I'll edit this entry to not disturb others and these appear as a magic trick. I know, this will get worse! I don't know if still I have posting access, but if I can't I'll be back later on the free for all day.

I don't want to leave with just bad news so requests are open here! I think it's the least I can do. So sorry guys, love you, always.

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