November 30th, 2018

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The Couple that RoadTrips Together (1/7)

Title: The Couple that Road Trips Together

Rating: PG-13 for language and some violence

Summary: Buffy discovered that Spike was alive in L.A. and has been helping with the cleanup. They, of course, inevitably got back together, and now, they’re on their first road trip together. Third person POV. Set post-NFA.

A/N: Special thank you to badwolfjedi for brainstorming road trip fic ideas with me (couldn’t decide when and where to set it) and for reading over the story to make sure I didn’t do anything way off base. And this story is dedicated especially to dear swifthorse.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all.

Apologies for so many parts, but LJ kept telling me it was too I gave up after three attempts of breaking it up in various renditions and broke it up by sections. I intended to post it all in one big post but argh, it didn't work. If you read, don't feel obligated to comment on each section. It's intended as a one-shot. It's about 8400 words or so all together.

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Reminder: final free-for-all weekend coming up

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