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Round 7: Spring '09

Normally, I try to have a summer round, because that seems to be when people are less busy, but I'm getting married this summer, so I won't have the time. Ergo, new spring round. Here are the dates:

Window A: Apr. 1-10
Window B: Apr. 11-20
Window C: Apr. 21-30
Window D: May 1-9
Window E: May 10-18
Free for All: May 19

As always, when you sign up, include your username, preferred window(s), likely medium, and any special requirements (like you can't post on a Friday).

The theme for this round will be: poetry. As always, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THE THEME IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO. IT IS COMPLETELY UP TO YOU. Some ideas: you could write a poem about Spuffy, Spike could write a poem about Buffy, you could use a poem as inspiration for your work (whatever that might be), you could mention poetry in your fic, you could use lines from poems on icons, banners, wallpapers, etc. You could even use pre-vampire William. All of these are possibilities. Or, you know, ignore the theme. That's cool, too.

For the artists out there, we will once again have a vote on which banner to use. Please submit banners by March 15th. Voting will take place between the 16th and 21st, and I will post the chosen banner sometime before the round starts April 1st.

Now, excuse me while I put on my Evil Bitch Monster of Death hat, because there are two new rules for this round:

NO BASHING THE PARTICIPANTS! This was designed as a safe community where people could come together and celebrate Spuffy in all its forms. Constructive criticism is fine; flaming someone, swearing at them, etc. will get you banned. Period. I have no tolerance for trolls or bullies. I have had issues with this the last two rounds, and I'm done. Troll the community, get banned. It's really as simple as that.

For those that do not know the difference between constructive criticism and flames, let me illustrate.

Concrit: "Having Xander do X seems a little out of character to me." Or, "You know, X word was spelled incorrectly. You might want to change it."

Flame: "I hate your f***ing fic. It's stupid."

The former is fine; the latter gets you banned. See? Easy-peasy.

If you miss your date, please do not freak out. I have instituted the "free for all" day for just that reason. If you miss your date, have finished a WIP, etc. you may post on that date with no repercussions. (Everyone makes mistakes, or forgets something. It's no big deal, especially now.)

And finally, please spread the word!
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