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"Intervention" Spaiku, Part 1: Intervention (1/16)

Here's my dish for this Spring's Spuffy potluck: a heapin' helpin' of haiku. (Oh, don't worry about overeating--you'll be hungry again in an hour!) I'll be posting throughout the evening until you're ready to strangle me midnight so as to space out the spammage a little. Many thanks to enigmaticblues for having us all over again and for being such a gracious hostess. You have a lovely home, dear. Also, gratitude of great magnitude to Mister Beta for his invaluable input and for giving me time to write when there seemed to be none. Thanks as well to rebcake for continued encouragement and the always awesome always_jbj for the beautiful banner.

A Spaiku Intervention
by mere_ubu
Genre: Haiku
Syllable count: 1275
Rating: PG-13 for robotic naughtitude
Disclaimer: Spike and Buffy belong to M.E. and never to me. (Um, except in dreams. Then, they're, like, totally mine. I won't lie.)
A/N: Here are some Spuffycentric Spaiku caps from BtVS, S5, "Intervention." Sixteen parts.
Feedback is more refreshing than a margarita on Cinco de Mayo. ::hiccup::
Dedicated with love to mi amigas herself_nyc and philips, just because.

Heartbroken Slayer
needs a break from Chosen path;
had all she can take.

Nothing left to give.
Have to reach the girl within
before it’s too late.

Yeah. Strength, resilience,
those are all words for hardness . . .
turning me to stone.

Watcher intercedes:
desert sojourn may soften
her petrified heart.

Is her love for real?
Intense vows unnerve sister.
Weird love’s better than . . .

*Found haiku taken from episode.

Tags: creator: mere_ubu, era: btvs s5, form: poetry, rating: other
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