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time to get your spuffy groove on: ROUND 12 SIGN-UP POST

snickfic and I are returning, as your first mate and captain respectively, to head up this round of seasonal_spuffy! (We are honored to have taken up the helm from the lovely enigmaticblues, who has done such great work organizing and running this community over the years, and tip our hats her way.) Feel free to contact us via the group email address,

1. Round 12 of seasonal_spuffy will run from April 1 to May 7.
Window A: April 1 - April 7
Window B: April 8 - April 14
Window C: April 15 - April 21
Window D: April 22 - April 28
Window E: April 29 - May 6
Free For All: May 7

2. Sign ups will end on February 20 at midnight GMT. I will post the schedule the following day.

3. When you sign up, please use the following form:
Window preferences:
Likely medium(s):
Special considerations:

4. The theme for this round will be "fire." As always, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE USE OF THE THEME. Ignore it, go wild with it, it doesn't matter.

5. The 24 hour grace period will continue this round. I do strongly recommend against using it if at all possible. Some do not like sharing their day, and that's understandable. But, that being said, the grace period is there for the mods' convenience. Instead of sending me a panicked email when you forget your date, you can post within the grace period, no questions asked. Any longer than that, and you'll need to wait for the free-for-all at the end of this round.

6. On that note, depending on how many people sign up, you may end up sharing your date. Please let me know in the special considerations if you absolutely cannot share your day. Please also know that it's first come, first served. If you sign up at the last minute, the chances of having to share increase greatly, so please keep this in mind. The same is true for other special considerations. (Also remember that later dates generally fill up the fastest, so if you need a late date, prepare to share.)

7. Once again, let me reiterate that this is a friendly community. Please report any flames to me immediately, and I will take the appropriate action. Trolls are not welcome here, but at the same time, let's not bait them.

8. seasonal_spuffy accepts any kind of vid, fanart, or fic that has never been posted anywhere else before. You may repost material in your own journal, or you may link to your journal in your seasonal_spuffy entry. As long as the post is made nearly contemporaneously, I'll let it slide. Clarification: for those who are interested in contributing but not creatively minded right now, yes, we ARE welcoming podfic this year! Just make sure you have okayed it with the author of the story you're recording. Making your podfic available in both .mp3 & .m4b formats is recommended.

9. BANNER CONTEST: Submissions are due by February 20 (end of sign-ups) and voting will begin the following week. When submitting, please send your banner directly to No more than two banners per person. Include your LJ name and "Round 12 Banner Submission" in the subject heading of the email. I would prefer to be sent the file directly, but a link is also acceptable if you're okay with hotlinking the picture for the poll. The maximum dimensions are 800 x 400px. File format should be jpeg, gif, or png. If you'd like to make a matching icon for the mods to use, that would be totally awesome (but is not required).

10. Tagging! Further updates will come soon about how to make tagging easier for our tag team.

Any questions may be asked below.

Let the fun begin!
Tags: mod post

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