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Dates for Round 17

Here are the dates for this round. I've tried to give everyone what they asked for - PM me if there's a problem.

The userinfo states that you must post by MIDNIGHT your time. If you are a night owl, I think it would be reasonable to stretch it a little - but not after bedtime, please!

Window A

Saturday 19-Oct drizzlydaze
Sunday 20-Oct comlodge
Monday 21-Oct
Tuesday 22-Oct athena3062 appomattoxco
Wednesday 23-Oct hello_spikey
Thursday 24-Oct brutti_ma_buoni
Window B

Friday 25-Oct drizzlydaze
Saturday 26-Oct shapinglight
Sunday 27-Oct debris4spike
Monday 28-Oct caia/thisficklemob
Tuesday 29-Oct hello_spikey
Wednesday 30-Oct waddiwasiwitch
FREE FOR ALL Thursday 31-Oct
Window C

Friday 01-Nov eilowyn
Saturday 02-Nov ladyoneill
Sunday 03-Nov quinara
Monday 04-Nov effulgent_girl
Tuesday 05-Nov sintonia
Wednesday 06-Nov anactoria
Thursday 07-Nov gillo
Friday 08-Nov rebcake
Saturday 09-Nov Barb C/rahirah

FREE FOR ALL Sunday 10-Nov

If you miss your day, don't panic - just share on the free-for-all day. And if you haven't signed up, but inspirations strikes, same answer - or PM me and have one of the spare days for your very own!

Happy Spuffying.
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