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fic Intermezzo 8

Now for my final entry this "season", the last "Intermezzo".

A/N:This couplet is set during Ats S5 so the entries are from a new diary and journal rather than ones found in Sunnydale’s ruins.

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, ME, WB, Fox are the sole owners of all involved with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Thanks to Joss he allows us to play in his sandbox. I derive no compensation for these flights of fancy. The story concept is my "creation" as is all dialogue not in any original story script.

Literary Intermezzo Eight:
A peek into the Diary of Buffy A. Summers and the Secret, Highly Confidential Journal of one William T. Bloody,
Setting: ATS S5 before The Girl In Question

Dear diary,

Dawnie bought me this new journal for my birthday. God, I hope she bought it!

Anyway, I haven’t felt like getting in touch with the inner me since, well, since we beat the First. Okay, I know it wasn’t what we did, it was what Sp ….Can’t go there.
It happened just like it always did before. I finally told the guy I loved him and he left! Okay, he dusted saving the world, a little different but still Buffy’s alone in the end. God why do I even bother?

They still don’t really get it. They never accepted that I could really care for Spike. (THERE, I actually wrote his name! Spike, Spike, Spike!) Dawn got it, she got it before I ever did.

I stayed in London just long enough to get tired of the awkward silences. No one talked about him or what he did. It was all about the new council plans and how we fought the ultimate bad and beat it (as if!). Finally I packed up Dawnie and headed for the sun and romance of Rome. It’s okay I guess. No place will ever really be home again though. My home is a hole in the ground and rubble covering ash.

I think I finally decided how I can make them all see how wonderful Spike was. I’ve decided to accept a date with this Romeo wanna be with a plastic pretty face and an entourage that would make Madonna drool. He calls himself The Immortal (like Elvis was The King….bleeecch). I mean, he’s OILY!

He’s a demon, of course. Big with the no soul having too. He hasn’t done anything majorly evil I can pin on him though so they can’t make me kill him. Just wait till they all get a load of Mr. Not so Virgin Oil! Oh yeah, they’ll wish Spike was still around to be my guy. I’m gonna be Buffy the Partying demon lover, a total slacker with the whole slaying gig. They’ll wish they’d thrown parties to welcome a romance between me and Spike and Willow’ll be back with the magics to raise him back to save me from the Italian Legend in His Own Mind.

Buffy’s gonna paint the town red every night until they all cry for mercy. Then, I’ll come home and cry for real.

Wonder if Will could raise him?



Lovers Dilemma by Her William

She gifted me with love as I lay down my life,
A dream long held yet never realized before.
Our history filled with tempest, pain, regret and strife,
few tender words or touch, yet she I still adore.

Passion released, lightening flash of desire so hot,
Hearts exposed, walls torn down, terrify this woman.
With my body I worship, love words I speak not,
Melt to one, then with virtue aflutter, she ran.

But in the end she spoke the words my heart begged for.
Hands aflame, burned away without a precious kiss.
So shall I seek my love my yearnings there to pour?
Torn by needs, I act not, my choice you see is this,

To dare to test my fair love, see if true she spake,
else stay and live in dreams where bliss is what I make?


This is my final entry for this day. Thank you all for joining in the ride and commenting (I'll try to reply to them all in due time).

Again, thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. I plan to sign up for the next batch of stories with the next season.

Thanks to Itmustbetuesday for offering this wonderful venue to share! What a wonderful resource for Spuffy fans now and in the future!

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