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Master list for Round #17

As you will see, we’re pretty flexible folks here, so dates posted may or may not match up exactly with the master list. However, these are the people to thank for keeping Seasonal Spuffy going for another season and providing us with stuff to read and look at. The master list, with links to at least the first entry for that participant (more if necessary) will be below. I’m going to do a lot of previewing before I post, so I’m hoping it will go more smoothly than it did last round. At least as far as you’ll be able to tell, anyway....

Window A

Saturday 19-Oct drizzlydaze
Sunday 20-Oct comlodge
Monday 21-Oct
Tuesday 22-Oct athena3062 appomattoxco
Wednesday 23-Oct hello_spikey
Thursday 24-Oct brutti_ma_buoni

Window B

Friday 25-Oct drizzlydaze
Saturday 26-Oct shapinglight
Sunday 27-Oct debris4spike
Monday 28-Oct caia/ thisficklemob
Tuesday 29-Oct hello_spikey
Wednesday 30-Oct waddiwasiwitch

FREE FOR ALL Thursday 31-Oct

Window C

Friday 01-Nov eilowyn
Saturday 02-Nov ladyoneill
Sunday 03-Nov quinara
Monday 04-Nov effulgent_girl
Tuesday 05-Nov sintonia
Wednesday 06-Nov anactoria
Thursday 07-Nov gillo
Friday 08-Nov rebcake
Saturday 09-Nov Barb C/ rahirah

FREE FOR ALL Sunday 10-Nov

Window A
Saturday 19-Oct drizzlydaze Fic, PG13, Part Three of Smoke
Fic – Poets

Sunday 20-Oct comlodge art and fic. The Good Old Days, Parts 1, 2 and 3
More art

Monday 21-Oct - open

Tuesday 22-Oct
athena3062 Fic, PG13, Measure the Year
"a href="">Measure the Year</a>


Wednesday 23-Oct hello_spikey Fic, The R Word
The R Word

Thursday 24-Oct brutti_ma_buoni Fic, rated R - The Best of All Possible Worlds
">Best of All Worlds

Window B

Friday 25-Oct

Saturday 26-Oct
shapinglight Fic, PG13/R The King and She parts 1-4
The King and She

Sunday 27-Oct debris4spike fic, A Missing Scene and icons
icons and fic

Monday 28-Oct caia/ thisficklemob The Twenty-second Flavor, and Convertible
The Twenty-second Flavor

Tuesday 29-Oct

Wednesday 30-Oct waddiwasiwitch Fic, The Broken Part One
The Broken One

FREE FOR ALL Thursday 31-Oct

slaymesoftly Fic, rated PG13, The Unwilling Hero
The Unwilling Hero

teragramm – artwork (Autumn Banners)
Autumn Banners

Author = dianthus43 – fic PG13 Meet Abby Normal
Meet Abby Normal

Window C

Friday 01-Nov

Saturday 02-Nov ladyoneill Fic, NC17, Fashionable Ladies and Gents
Fashionable Ladies and Gents

Sunday 03-Nov quinara In Remission Fic, PG 13
In Remission

Monday 04-Nov effulgent_girl ArtWork/graphics and wallpapers
graphics and wallpapers

Tuesday 05-Nov sintonia icons

Wednesday 06-Nov anactoria Fic - All the Shakespearoes
All the Shakespearoes

Thursday 07-Nov gillo Fic, Hotel Suite
Hotel Suite

Friday 08-Nov rebcake Fic, The Sleepless Beast Knows Best
The Sleepless Beast Knows Best

Saturday 09-Nov Barb C/ rahirah Fic, A Chiming of Bells,
A Chiming of Bells

FREE FOR ALL Sunday 10-Nov and Mon. November 11

Catch up days for Slaymesoftly, Gillo, Comlodge, Effulgent_Girl, waddiwasiwitch. Links to new artwork below.

comlodge Art work
more art work

effulgent_girl Icons
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