teragramm (teragramm) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,

Icons - free for all day

Creator: teragramm
Form: a/w – icons
Era – comics, season 9,10

Below are 11 comic icons, mostly season 10 and mostly issues 12 and 13 because they had moments that were cute beyond words. Enjoy!


 photo tera1d.jpg  photo tera1a.jpg  photo tera1j.jpg

1.  photo tera1a.jpg 2. photo tera1b.jpg 3.  photo tera1c.jpg

4.  photo tera1d.jpg 5.  photo tera1e.jpg 6.  photo tera1f.jpg

7.  photo tera1g.jpg 8.  photo tera1h.jpg 9.  photo tera2a 1.jpg

10.  photo tera1i.jpg 11.  photo tera1j.jpg

Comments and credit would be nice! If you want any icons personalized just ask.

ETA I added one more icon (#9) after I originally posted. I just felt it was missing from the morning after icons.
Tags: creator: teragramm, era: comics canon, form: icons
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