teragramm (teragramm) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,

Call for Banners

To start off our 20th round of seasonal_spuffy, we are again doing our traditional banner competition.

The theme this round is "A New Era" interpret that as you will, or not. It's up to you

Since this is a competition, here are the rules:

- You can submit up to three banners
- Banners must be no bigger than 800x400 pixels
- No smaller than 750x300 pixels (anywhere in between is fine too.)
- Banners must be new and anonymous, so please do not post your banners elsewhere, until the results have been posted.
- The dead line is April 22nd, midnight (PST)
- Submit entries as a comment to this post - all comments will be screened.
- When submitting a banner, post both the image and url. (See example below)

 photo banner-revised.png


After the winner is announced, the winner will be asked to "sign" their banner. The signed banner will be the one used as the header, so remember to leave room for your signature.

The poll with all the pretties will go up a day or so after the deadline.

Have fun and show us your fabulous work!!
Tags: call for banners, mod post
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