thenewbuzwuzz (thenewbuzwuzz) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,

[LINK] comics fixit mood boards by Torrilin

A/N: is a predecessor ficlet
Title: comics fixit mood boards
Creator: Torrilin
Era: s5 AtS/s8 comics
Rating: G

Follow this link to view the artwork on tumblr, and be sure to show torrilin some love! I'm thinking LJ messages or maybe comments to this post, as her tumblr askbox is only open to tumblr users.
Update: Torrilin confirms that she can be reached on LJ and DW as usual, and she knows there might be (more) comments on this post. She posted on tumblr because of an issue with posting images.
Tags: creator: torrilin, era: ats s5, era: comics canon, form: banner/wallpaper/manip, rating: other
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