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Good news for Elysian Fields users!

In the poll before the start of this round, many people said they prefer to read on Elysian Fields. While EF is still not one of the places where one can participate in Seasonal Spuffy, we know lots of authors repost their stories to EF after participating, and we wanted to make it easier for readers to find those once they've been reposted. So we talked to the Elysian Fields mods, and they made a special category just for past Seasonal Spuffy entries! Here's their announcement in full:

"We love to celebrate everyone out there working to keep Spuffy alive and well, so we're happy to promote the Seasonal Spuffy stories that we have housed here on Elysian Fields. We've got a brand new Seasonal Spuffy category that authors can choose when they're loading a story here that was written for Seasonal Spuffy. If you already have a story here that was written for a round of Seasonal Spuffy, you can edit it and add the Seasonal Spuffy category. That way, when readers want to admire all the works created for Seasonal Spuffy, they can head to the category and sort and filter just like with all the other categories.
There's a free-for-all day coming up on June 21, so if you're interested in contributing to Seasonal Spuffy, check out the rules here. Then get your creation ready to post on one of the Seasonal Spuffy pages, and then on EF as well!"

So, authors, if you've ever cross-posted your Seasonal Spuffy fic to Elysian Fields or you might do so in the future, please feel free to use this category. This may hopefully lead some new readers your way and also help more people notice how great Seasonal Spuffy is. ;) Here's what the category looks like when posting or editing a work on EF:

And if you're a reader looking to explore Seasonal Spuffy stories in the comfort of EF, with some neat sorting and filtering options, you can head over there and start browsing whenever you feel like it. Note that this is likely never going to be a full collection of all Seasonal Spuffy fic, but lots of good stuff is being added as I type this. Have fun!
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