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September 22: Fall Equinox Free-for-All!

We're back!

Or we will be, as soon as Willow finds an Urn of Osiris and figures out a good ritual sacrifice and all that. While we sort out these details, we'd like to remind you that we've got a free-for-all day coming up on the Fall Equinox, September 22!

On September 22 (your local time), you're cordially invited to post any newly made Spuffy fanworks here or on our Dreamwidth community, or, if you're not a LJ/DW person, on tumblr. We welcome fic, art, and most other things you could dream of making, as long as it's Spuffy, it was made by you, and it's not been posted anywhere else yet. (And isn't an all-human AU. Fans of the genre, sorry.)

No signup is needed to participate: anyone's free to show up and post. Just remember to take a look at the posting guidelines before you do. :)

This free-for-all day doesn't have an official theme. Anything Spuffy goes! That being said, if you're in need of inspiration, consider:

  • What do Spike and Buffy do as summer turns into fall? September 22 is a week or so before the air dates of most season opener episodes. Especially if you count School Hard as the real start of season 2...

  • September 22 will be 3 days after the end of Season 12. Any artistic or fictional reactions, homages, and/or fixits will be welcome!

  • It's only one day before Bisexual Visibility Day. Does that have anything to do with Spuffy? You decide! Also, it's American Business Women's Day, Hobbit Day, and OneWebDay (on which we celebrate the internet). It's World Car-Free Day, Independence Day in Mali and Bulgaria, and Resistance Fighting Day in Estonia! And the anniversary of Some Assembly Required. You are free to use any or none of these bits of trivia according to what inspires you.

If nothing inspires you just yet, do not despair! The equinox is still a month away – maybe something will come to you. :) The whole point of a free-for-all day is there's no pressure. And if you have more ideas than there is time to create things until the free-for-all day, excellent! That's what the fall round is for.

Have fun! See you soon. :)
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