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Fall for Spuffy 2018! Sign up for Round 25 of Seasonal Spuffy! (scroll down for the schedule)

The Fall 2018 round of seasonal_spuffy, a hootenanny online festival for Spike/Buffy fanworks, will start on Friday, November 16, and run until Sunday, December 2.

Posting for this round will be open here on LiveJournal only. We see that most people who took the planning poll don't mind the site, and we're taking the opportunity to bring everyone together for the event.

That being said, w
e'll crosspost links to entries and announcements so that readers and art lovers can keep track of the round via Dreamwidth, tumblr, and Facebook, and at least to some extent via Elysian Fields and BuffyForums. We will also endeavor to help Elysian Fields readers find any entries that get reposted to EF. For people who would like to participate on LiveJournal but aren't sure how to use the site, we recommend these two resources, and there will be a series of LiveJournal tutorial posts on our tumblr blog and on our Facebook page before the round. If you'd like to post on tumblr or Dreamwidth after all, the free-for-all day on September 22 is your chance: unlike this fall round, the equinox free-for-all will take place on all three sites.

You may sign up for a posting day of your own by leaving a comment below! Posting dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Days can be shared once enough people sign up! A couple of creators have already offered to share their date, and others may agree if we ask. If you'd like a posting day, just say the word. :) We're also offering some FREE-FOR-ALL dates on which anybody may post without signup, as long as they do it the Seasonal Spuffy way.

Our theme this round will be Road Trip! Thank you to rahirah for the suggestion! As always, creators are welcome to interpret the theme however they want or do something else altogether.

WEEK 1 — Friday-Thursday
November 16: garnigal
November 17: nmcil12
November 18: relurker
November 19: sintonia
November 20: javajunkie247
November 21: megan_peta
November 22: FREE FOR ALL (Thanksgiving in the USA)

WEEK 2 — Friday-Friday
November 23: slaymesoftly
November 24: double_dutchess
November 25: FREE FOR ALL
November 26: badwolfjedi
November 27: teragramm
November 28: stuffnonsense
November 29: passion4spike
November 30: sandy_s

CLOSING WEEKEND — Saturday-Sunday
December 1: FREE FOR ALL
December 2: FREE FOR ALL

Plan to create an original, never-before-posted Spuffy fanwork to share with the community! :) The sky's your limit as far as the medium goes: fic, drabble, poetry, drawing, manip, mood board, wallpaper, icon, fanvid, playlist, comics, meta, puzzle game, sculpture... stained glass... interpretive dance... Other Art, beginning of a beautiful WIP, and practically anything else is great! Please check the rules before you begin; they were recently updated. Most are fairly standard, but all-human AUs are not allowed.

Have fun!
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