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Moodboard / Aesthetic inspired by “Tales From a New Body” by OffYourBird

title: Moodboard / Aesthetic for “Tales From a New Body
creator: badwolfjedi
era: post-series
rating: moodboard is based on fic which is rated “NC-17”, but nothing explicit shown

Creator Notes: For Fall Equinox Free-for-All Seasonal Spuffy. What can I say as this story as an avid Spuffy fanfic reader? Maybe that I didn’t know what to expect about a reincarnation/transmigration story, but that it blew any expectations I did have out of the water.  The themes (family, love, reunions, who we really are, etc.) are deep and resonate all the way through the story and there are some Spike bite scenes (which are very much my jam).  My first official comment on the story started like this: Okay just starting this and it’s SOOOOOOOOOO INTERESTING!! Wow I was really curious how much of Buffy was going to be Buffy ya know and I have to say I thought the balance you struck here was sublime. Color me intrigued!!”, and now I ramble praise at OffYourBird whenever I can and I encourage any Spuffy fan to read – you will NOT be disappointed.

Links to both Elysian Fields and Ao3 provided below for reference. Official summary is: Buffy has been getting really good at dying; it's the coming back to life part that keeps throwing her for a loop. A 2017 Reunion Challenge fic on Elysian Fields.

I do not own any of the images but did do some of my own screengrabs. This is a fan work only, and no copyright infringement is intended. I have tried to list the sources for images at the bottom of post, as best I could find (some are just the image address), as most are from Pinterest. If any adjustments are needed, please let me know. But hey, one of them is a link to actually buy chains, so that’s something. I mean, if you are looking…

Board 1

Little Meg – source: Little Meg

Buffy (edited to be B&W) – source: B&W Buffy

Gallagher House – source: Gallagher House

Meg w/books – source: Meg with books

Teenage Meg – source: Teenage Meg

UofPittsburgh – source: U of Pittsburgh

Spike Promo – source: Spike Promo

Life Quote – source: Life Quote

Board 2

Willow – Source: Willow

Osiris (added text) – Source: Osiris

Watcher Journal – Source: Watcher Journal

Danbury Cemetery – Source: Danbury Cemetery

Ammit (added text) – Source:

Stakes – Source: Stakes

Duat (Actual Airport somewhere, but added text) – Source: Duat

Mirror – Source: Mirror

Board 3

Spike’s face – source: my screengrab from video

Dawn’s Juneau house – Source: Dawn's Juneau House

He looked at her Quote – Source: He looked at her

Metepsychosis / Soul Quote Metepsychosis

Firebrand Curls (edited to add text) - Source: Firebrand Curls

Fight Quote – Source: Fight Together quote

Scratched Back – Source: Scratched Back

Chains – Source: Chains

Board 4

Juneau – Source: Juneau

Pittsburgh Skyline – Source: Pittsburgh Skyline

Buffy leading Spike – Source: Buffy leading Spike

Wes/Willow/Giles – Source: Wes/Willow/Giles

Tags: #2, #3, #4, creator: badwolfjedi, era: post-series, form: other art, rating: other
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