Sintonía (sintonia) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,

26 Spuffy Icons

.| Title: 26 Spuffy Icons
.| Creator: sintonia
.| 24 icons | 100x100px
.| 2 icons | S5 & S6 | 200x200px

Hi everybody! I'm sorry if I go a little slow today, I have some fever, come and go, but I'm here if you need something :) As always I made some icons and I played around with the colors and the backgrounds for some of them for this round. Not all, just a few but you can imagine anything, manipulating a background allow yourself to build a different world for a few minutes and you can imagine other possible universes. Omg that was great! Take my hand, it's just fever.

rules / resources
• Credit sintonia or stnia would be nice.
• Love your comments!

I don't know if you use other dimensions but I did two 200x200px for twitter. I usually never do this, after a few steps I reduce everything but I felt tempted.

If anyone wants any specific scene from any episode you can ask me below, I change them for poetry or more fanfiction recommendations.=D Seriously, you can sit here with me and tell me about your crazy thoughts, I have all the time in the world, tea with lemon and a blanket.
Tags: creator: sintonia, era: indeterminate, form: icons, rating: other
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