Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,
Double Dutchess

Shake Shack manip and wallpapers

Title: Shake Shack
Creator: Double Dutchess

This is the final of my three manips based on screengrabs from "You're the one that I want". First the plain manip, then two wallpapers (1280x1024) based on it. Open images in a new window or tab to view full-size.

The Buffy screenscaps are from the HD episodes I downloaded from
The Grease screencaps are from the "You're the one that I want" video someone kindly put up on YouTube.
The carnival photos are all by me. Coincidentally, there was a carnival in my street a few weeks ago, so I took advantage of the opportunity.
Tags: creator: double_dutchess, era: indeterminate, form: banner/wallpaper/manip, rating: other
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