Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,
Double Dutchess

Wallpaper: Merman Spike

Title: Merman Spike wallpaper
Creator: Double Dutchess
Rating: worksafe

Apparently, 21 June is National Sea Shell Day in the USA. I can't tell you exactly how I got from there to Spike being a merman, but here he is. Buffy is there too, of course.

Full-size wallpaper HERE (1920x1080).

Credits: mermanwedding dress | wave photo by Dimitris Vetsikas | shell photo by Miriam Blada
The underwater photo I used for the bottom of the wallpaper, I stole from here.

Tags: creator: double_dutchess, era: indeterminate, form: banner/wallpaper/manip, genre: alternate reality, rating: other
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