thenewbuzwuzz (thenewbuzwuzz) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,

The free-for-all days are here! \o/

We're heading into the final four days of this round, and most of this long holiday weekend is going to be a free-for-all here on Seasonal Spuffy. This means anyone's welcome to just show up unannounced and post on Thursday (November 28), Saturday (November 30), and/or Sunday (December 1), as long as they do it the Seasonal Spuffy way. Note that fancyflautist has dibs on Friday, so that's not a free-for-all day.

For the sanity of the masterlister and the tag wranglers, please remember to follow our header and tagging guidelines as much as possible:

Please include the following info in the HEADER at the top of your post:
1. title
2. author/creator
3. era/season/setting (when posting fic)
4. rating (when posting fic)
5. "Spike/Other" or "Buffy/Other" (if your entry includes other Spike or Buffy pairings - some Spuffy fans are sensitive and like to be warned about that)

Please TAG your work in the following categories:
1. creator (creator: yourusername with your username)
2. form (form: banner/wallpaper/manip, form: fanmix, form: fic, form: icons, form: meta/recs, form: other art, form: poetry, form: vid)
3. era (era: ats s5, era: btvs s1,..., era: btvs s7, era: comics canon, era: indeterminate, era: post-series, era: pre-series)
4. rating (rating: nc-17, rating: other)
5. genre - for fic if applicable (genre: alternate reality, genre: amnesia, genre: baby/kid/parent fic, genre: crossover, genre: holiday, genre: post-apocalyptic, genre: shanshu!Spike, genre: time travel, genre: vamped character, genre: wishverse)

Thank you! If you don't have a creator tag yet or tags are generally confusing, don't worry - the mods can sort the tags out for you.

This is going to be fun! :)) If you have any questions about posting or anything, please feel free to poke the mods by commenting on a recent mod post, messaging thenewbuzwuzz, teragramm, or slaymesoftly, or emailing

P.S. In the interest of spreading the entries more or less evenly through the three free-for-all days, please consider posting any Something Blue-related things on Saturday (the 20th anniversary of the episode!) and otherwise see if you might be able to post today (Thursday). Let's leave Sunday for people who really need a couple more days to put the finishing touches on their work. :)
Tags: mod post
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