nmcil12 (nmcil12) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,

Manip - Thanksgiving Day

Can't go by without posting something for Thanksgiving Day - I have so many things to be thankful for this year but especially my good health and recovery.  Some of my best Spuffy friends know I had breast cancer surgery few months ago and I've had awesome great results - So this is a very special celebration this year.  To all my Spuffy friends and all those who participate in Seasonal Spuffy - thank you for all the wonderful years of stories, artwork and vids and Spuffy Fan Love.  Plus, another super nice Thanks is for our lovely Thanksgiving Day snow - I love when we get snow as it does not happen often here in Abq.

Fan Love indeed - got these great stamps when I sent for some Buffy Stamps - wanted to share them so I kept this simple.

Tags: creator: nmcil12, era: indeterminate, form: banner/wallpaper/manip, rating: other

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