Kay (fancyflautist) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,

Announcing: The Winter Solstice Free-for-All, December 21st

It's finally December, and along with Christmas comes time for another Solstice free-for-all!

On December 21st, our community will be open for all new (unposted) Spike/Buffy fic, art, and whatever else your beautiful creative minds can think up, so long as you follow the posting guidelines.

You can share your work here on Livejournal, or here on our Dreamwidth community.

Free-for-all means no sign-ups, so come on over and post if you can-- share your talent with the world! There's no official theme for this day, so go wild.

Want some ideas?

  • Yule is the Wiccan and Pagan solstice holiday and the first Sabbat of the new year. The holiday's themes include immortality, rebirth, and intentions.

  • 'Ted,' 'The Wish,' 'Amends,' 'Hush,' 'Into the Woods,' and 'Bring on the Night' are all December episodes, so try playing with those episodes.

  • Summer themes- Heat, beaches

  • Winter themes- Christmas, that ugly slush outside called snow, that all-penguin AU ;)

  • December 21st is also Crossword Puzzle Day and National Flashlight Day... and a bunch more!

Major apologies for the late date of this announcement, especially when we were already cutting it close after the close of the Fall round. I personally take all the blame for that. However, there is still a little over a week left to get a lovely creation together to share with the community! I'll be putting out another reminder a couple of days ahead of the event too.

One other housekeeping issue- in case you haven't already heard, Elysian Fields shoutbox guidelines dictate how often we can post there, so please leave that to us. We promise we'll make sure announcements get posted, just in accordance with the rules :)

Feel free to reply to this post with any questions, message us on our Facebook page, or email us at sspuffy@gmail.com. If you need help with Livejournal, we've got a post for that!

Happy Spuffy-ing, everyone, and we hope to see you on the solstice!

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