Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,
Double Dutchess

Enemies with Benefits (School Hard) banners

Title: Enemies with Benefits (School Hard) banners
Creator: Double Dutchess
Form: banner
Rating: safe for work

My first contribution for today! Three "Enemies with Benefits" banners. The first is a slightly improved version of my banner #10 from the banner contest (you always see the flaws when it's too late :-) and the second is a blue background version of the same banner. The third is a different banner based on the same idea. I could only submit one of the three to the banner contest and decided on the first one, but I'm curious to hear if you think I made the right choice.

Credits: the banners are based on the "Enemies with benefits" banner idea from justwriter2: "A scene where Buffy and Spike are across from one another, positioned to fight, in School Hard." For textures, I used this great set of wall photos by thenewbuzwuzz. Screenshots are by me from the HD Buffy episodes kindly provided by, and the main title font is the 3rd Man font by Bumbayo Font Fabrik.

Finally, something I always forget to mention explicitly: if you'd like to use anything I've made as a fic banner or for other purposes, feel free to do so (with credit). I'll also be happy to personalize any of my stuff for you, so don't hesitate to ask.
Tags: creator: double_dutchess, era: btvs s2, form: banner/wallpaper/manip, rating: other, school hard
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