thenewbuzwuzz (thenewbuzwuzz) wrote in seasonal_spuffy,

Runoff theme poll: "Day of the Dead" or "Fairy Tales Retold"?

Hi! We're almost ready to open signup for the Fall 2020 round, but, among other final decisions, we need to break the tie between the two most popular theme suggestions.

ETA: consider this tie broken. :)

One of the leading options, thanks to a last-minute vote via comment, is "Day of the Dead" (AKA Día de Muertos/All Souls Day). The other one was submitted as "Fairytales". Before we proceed, we'd like to make sure everyone is aware that fairy tales were the theme for the Spring 2006 round - the second-ever round of Seasonal Spuffy. However, it is a broad and evocative theme, and perhaps its time has come again. :) After some mod discussion, we're putting a tiny twist on it and offering it as "Fairy Tales Retold".

May the best theme win...

This poll is closed.

What shall be the theme of the Fall 2020 round of Seasonal Spuffy?

Day of the Dead
Fairy Tales Retold
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