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A Trip Down Memory Lane (Fall 2005, Spring 2006)

Since this is seasonal_spuffy’s 15th anniversary we are planning to do a few special things. One of those thing will be these “a trip down memory lane”. For the next few weeks, we are going to revisit all the past seasonal_spuffy banners and showcase something from each round. We will also include a mini scavenger hunt/challenge for each round. We plan to do these posts 2x a week with 2 rounds per post, up to the start of this round on November 2nd.

A big thank you to thenewbuzwuzz who helped with these posts.


In the fall of 2005 itmustbetuesday started a new community where people who loved the Spike/Buffy ship could be creative. The first round had 58 participants, there wasn’t a theme or a banner challenge for the Fall 2005 round.

2005 - Fall -

Theme: No theme
Feature entry:
“Spike’s Girl” by the talented herself_nyc (Part1-3)
Here is Part 1,
Part 2,
Part 3.

Challenge A:
During this first round of Seasonal_Spuffy, there are at 4 people (might be more) who participated in the round that are still part of the fandom. Can you name 2?

Banner by itmustbetuesday

2005b fall itmustbetuesday
Full size image here

2006 - Spring -

The spring of 2006 had its first theme (back then they were called challenges)

Theme - Fairy tales
Feature entry:
“A Fairy Story With Photoshop Interruptions” a unique take on the theme by kathyh (part 1-4)
Here is Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Challenge B: This round, one of our current mods started posting a rather well known/famous fic. Can you name the author and the fic?

Banner by itmustbetuesday

2006a spring itmustbetuesday
Full size image here

If you are going to answer the challenge questions please let us know if you are answering Challenge A or Challenge B. Thanks!

The answer to the Monday September14th challenges:
Challenge A: hollydb, pfeifferpack, rahirah, sandy s
Challenge B: Eurydice “Beg the Liquid Red”
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