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A Trip Down Memory Lane (Fall 2006, Fall 2007)

The answer to the Monday September14th challenges:
Challenge A: hollydb, pfeifferpack, rahirah, sandy s
Challenge B: Eurydice “Beg the Liquid Red”

In the Fall of 2006 had its first banner challenge, there was a runoff between 2 banners but since they both came so close itmustbetuesday decide to use them both. In the Spring of 2007, there was no round. In the Fall of 2007 enigmaticblues became the new mod.

2006 - Fall -
Theme -Around the World
Feature entry:
The fic this round is the heartbreakingly beautiful “ The Reflecting Pool” by thedeadlyhook
Here is Part 1
and part 2

Challenge A: ladyoneill had a ficlet this round do you know what another name she goes by?

First banner by uglybusiness

2006b fall uglybusiness
Full size image here

Second banner by marvelgirl_art

2006b  fall marvelgirl_art
Full size image here

In the spring 2007 there was no round

Fall of 2007

Theme: New Beginnings
Feature entry:
A series of drabbles that fit the theme “Season One Drabbles” </i> by seductivembrace
(part 1-3) She also did a second set of drabbles this round if you are interested.
Here is Part 1
Part 2
Part 3.

Challenge B: The person with the most Seasonal Spuffy posts is one of the current admins at Elysian Fields. Can you name the person and how many posts she has made?

Banner was made by mary5958

2007 fall mary5958
Full size image here

If you are going to answer the challenge questions please let us know if you are answering Challenge A or Challenge B

A big thank you to thenewbuzwuzz who helped with these posts.

Challenge A: Laure Alexander
Challenge B: pfeifferpack 117 posts (116 on dw)
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