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A Trip Down Memory Lane 2015

The answer to Thursday’s challenges:
Challenge A: coalitiongirl's post here and here
Challenge B: The Barbverse

There were no rounds in 2014. The fall of 2015 is the 10th anniversary of seasonal_spuffy and 15 banners were entered in the banner challenge.

Spring 2015

Theme Bouncing Back
Featured entry:
The first seasonal_spuffy post by feliciacraft found here

Challenge A:
The author who posted the first entry in this round has likewise opened five other Seasonal Spuffy rounds since then. Can you name the person and one of those rounds?

Banner bykazzy_cee

Full size image here

Fall 2015

Theme Look Both Ways

Featured entry:
“How to make a Spuffy banner in 20 easy steps”, a tongue-in-cheek breakdown of the creative process by red_satin_doll found here

Challenge B:
For this 10th anniversary round, the mods encouraged creators to seek inspiration in past entries. Can you name a seasonal_spuffy entry from the Fall 2015 round where the creator’s notes in the post mentioned someone else’s seasonal_spuffy entry as inspiration?

Banner by boiiko

Full size image here

Thank you to thenewbuzwuzz who helped with these posts.
(Comments will be screened to not give away challenge answers)
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