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Spuffy for the Seasons
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For fanworks exploring the Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) and Spike (the Vampire) 'ship.
seasonal_spuffy! A community dedicated to the relationship between Buffy and Spike, in all its different forms. Read the rules/description below if you're interested in joining.


The posting dates for the Fall '17 round are:

Friday, November 10 through Sunday November 26. Please sign up for a posting date at the sign-up post.

There will be some FREE FOR ALL DAYS: November 10 (Veterans Day in the USA), November 23 (Thanksgiving Day in the USA), and November 24-26. Posting is open to everybody on those days, but must still comply with the community rules (see below).


(1) seasonal_spuffy comes around seasonally (i.e. summer, fall, winter, spring). It isn't fixed to one season, so check to see when it's running. It may run all year long! Although that might wear out the poor administrators...

(2) Contributing members of seasonal_spuffy are assigned a date to post their contributions - anything from fan fiction, music videos, graphics, haikus, etc. It's very much like summer_of_giles, since it is this community's forerunner. So give it props, because we like it.

(3) Keep in mind that even when the time zone rules are followed for posting dates, they'll still crossover. Also, you might share your date with another person if there are more people signing up than there are posting dates.


(1) Members will be assigned a posting date on a first-come, first-served basis. The cutoff time for posting dates is midnight, IN YOUR OWN TIMEZONE. I know it may be your day somewhere else, but please - stick to the time you're in. If you have any problems posting, please send me an e-mail.

(2) Please do not post questions to the community. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail (to seasonal.spuffy@gmail.com) or ask your beta or friends.

(3) All content MUST BE ORIGINAL. We know everyone has great work out there that's been made prior to this community, but half the fun of a community like this one is seeing art that was made specifically for it. Personally, some of my best work was made for challenges and communities. Keep that in mind if you feel sour about this rule. HOWEVER, if you have something you've been working on, but haven't posted? We'd love that too. Call this a debut forum, or whatever ;)

(4) NO SPUFFY BASHING. This may seem like a silly rule for a Spuffy community, but seriously. Don't do it. Angsty, dramatic, unhealthy Spuffy is acceptable. Because... c'mon, what is Spuffy if not unhealthy? But if the story ends with Buffy hitting him on the head and running off into the sunset with Angel because he's so her one true love, then... I think you don't understand what "Spuffy" is (Spike + Buffy... duh.) Happy endings are NOT a requirement, however.

(5) No all human AUs, i.e. no fics in which the characters have to be introduced to the reader. (Example: Buffy is a fire fighter, Spike is a waitress...) There's not much more to the rule than that. However, all penguin AUs are enthusiastically welcomed!

(6) All adult material must be labeled and placed behind a cut. The tags for an lj cut are < lj-cut > < /lj-cut > (without the spaces).

(7) All stories and large graphics must also be placed behind a cut tag.

(8) We won't forbid you from posting your work on your own website or journal, because... hello... it's your work. But please if you possibly can, post all stories and graphics to the community and avoid using outside links. From Autumn 2013 onwards we will accept these links, but with a very strong preference for your material to be here. Please.

(9) Your posts MUST have the following in their labels:
-Medium (icons, banners, fanfic, music video, naughty limericks...)
-Titles (Fanfic and music videos only)
-Other Spike and Buffy pairings. Some Spuffy fans are sensitive and like to be warned about that.

(10) If you have any specific requests (you and another person want to share a day, or you want to let me know that you'll be posting A LOT, or if you want someone else to post your fic for you on your day because you won't be able to) that is great. I'm not a dictator, guys. I don't stand here on a podium and point down at you, going "Mwahahaha! Look at my little Spuffy minions toil over their fics and banners! Oh, the icons they will provide for me - ONLY WHEN I SAY!!!" (although that would be awesome) I'm incredibly flexible. Just don't abuse my flexibility, because then I might have to break out my dictator's podium.

(11) Do not use the community graphics as your own, unless icons are made to spread the news of the community. Please ask before you use any art that is originally made for the community layout.

(12) NO BASHING THE PARTICIPANTS! This was designed as a safe community where people could come together and celebrate Spuffy in all its forms. Constructive criticism is fine; flaming someone, swearing at them, etc. will get you banned. Period. Your moderators have no tolerance for trolls or bullies.

(13) If you miss your date, please do not freak out. The "free for all" day was instituted for just that reason. If you miss your date, have finished a WIP, etc. you may post on that date with no repercussions.

More info:

(14) Any work posted to the community may be archived in the Seasonal Spuffy web archive, currently at seasonal-spuffy.space. Let the mods know if you do not want your work archived.

The rules are subject to change, mainly in case I forgot something. Which I probably did. Ask questions all you like.

Banner for this round by double_dutchess!

Past banners can be found here.

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